The Details

Pharma-Freelancer is a new global platform of Reisinger Global Media.

We want to make a difference – we want that jobseekers of all nations have one place to connect with Pharma companies to get their freelance jobs or even a permanent position in all possible categories. And – You can register for free to join our community.

Pharma-Freelancer will also add a lot of exciting features where Business members can upgrade their account for a small fee. We will never charge commission fees neither for jobseekers nor for pharma companies or recruiters.

Pharma-Freelancer will be the international platform where people within the Pharmaceutical Industry can come together.

Pharma-Freelancer will also have a blog with thousands of articles related to our Pharma Community. If you join our newsletter you will be updated regularly.

PHARMA FREELANCER is the first new global platform and community within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

PHARMA FREELANCER is for individuals and companies. We bring jobseekers and companies together.

PHARMA FREELANCER is for jobseekers of any category.

PHARMA FREELANCER is FREE with a lot of basic features for Freelancers and Companies.

PHARMA FREELANCER can always be upgraded to a Business membership with a lot of more fantastic features.

Pharma Freelancer Android / Iphone app (planned for 12/2016)

About The Project