30 Years of Industry Experience

RGM – Reisinger Global Media GmbH aims to have the first platforms who wants to bring job seekers (freelancers and permanents) & clients together in only specified areas such as pharma, nuclear and construction, etc. RGM will launch these unique platforms where industry specific members can join for free.

The CEO and Owner of RGM , Roland Reisinger, is a business Professional & Expert in following main industries: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Nuclear & Construction Management in various fields.

RGM will launch unique the first planned site in July 2016 for Pharma Industry; this platform is a niche targeted for Pharma industry market only. The new platform also has a lot of premium features that can be activated for a small monthly fee. RGM is already started to develop IPHONE and Android applications for our Premium members to be always on the TOP.

Core Values

  • We market for Specific Industries
  • We use latest Technologies and Security
  • CEO with 30 years Industry Experience
  • Handles multi dollar projects worldwide
  • We’re specialized in getting your projects back in-line

Specialist Skills

Development 90%
Design 80%
Consulting 95%
Vision 100%
B2B 99%

Key Services & Skills

Dedicated Designers & Developers
Our company backed by dedicated design and development teams from all over the world.
Planning & Brainstorming
Our management team is well experienced in organizing long-term projects and brainstorming new ideas.
Customer Care & Aftercare
Our customer service representatives are specialized in B2B industry as well as all the specific industries RGM involved in. We provide long-term aftercare for our clients.
Industry Freelancing
We understand the needs of freelancing services in Pharma, Construction, and Nuclear industries. Therefore, RGM is pioneered in delivering platforms for these areas.